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Employee Owned. Client Focused.

Employee Owned, Client Focused isn't just a tag line, it's a simple phrase that encompasses our core mission. At Acropolis, we work as partners with our clients because if they succeed, we succeed. We have earned our success by providing innovative and consistently delivered services to some of St. Louis's best companies.

The Acropolis Team

At Acropolis, we believe our IT services staff is our most important asset; they are the reason we are the best IT company in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

We make sure each of our team members has the technical skills to provide high-quality IT services and support, while also possessing the personality to make our clients feel comfortable. We've never been drawn to the "techno geek" type who might be able to build a space shuttle but isn't capable of listening carefully or having a personable conversation.

Because of our excellent team environment, we're proud to say that we have many long-term employees. For this same reason, we have been recognized by St. Louis Small Business Monthly as a "Winning Workplace." Our peers have also recognized us nationally in many areas of IT management and project execution.

To ensure that we can serve the diverse needs of our clients, we're also committed to a very open environment. It is a rare workplace where a college intern can question the direction of the company and provide valuable input to help shape it.

As the founders of Acropolis, Brad and Tracy have said in every employee interview that they have been a part of since Acropolis opened in 1996, "We don't pretend to be smarter than anyone else. What we offer is a different perspective—no more or less important than yours."

"...They (Acropolis) immediately sent over a team to get our entire staff of 85 going again. How is one in-house IT person going to compete with a team of experts under that kind of pressure?"

Steve Schweizer
Chief Operating Officer, SL Chapman Law Firm

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