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Acropolis Technology Group understands the unique support needs of our legal clients. Regardless of whether your applications are in your office, in the public or private cloud, we have the experience, depth and flexibility to support your firm in this ever changing world of technology.

We are not new to the needs of Law firms. One of our first managed clients was a law firm and we still support them today nearly 20 years later. We have expertise in working with many legal specific vendors and technologies to deliver support to your staff when and how you need it. Acropolis offers many diverse IT managed plans that can be tailored to fit with your vision of IT. If you have internal IT support that needs a company and technology supporting them, no problem. If you want to control technology in your firm but need consistent execution, no problem. Although law firms share many of the same challenges, we understand that every firm is different and has a unique solution to technology challenges. If you partner with us, rest assured you will not be the only firm that we have successfully helped.

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Legal Testimonial

Since 1999, Simmons Browder Gianaris Angelides & Barnerd LLC has represented thousands of clients throughout the country and has recovered over $3 billion in verdicts and settlements. Simmons was looking for a company to provide the IT expertise it needed both to manage the firm’s short-term needs and to help plan its long-term growth.

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"...They (Acropolis) immediately sent over a team to get our entire staff of 85 going again. How is one in-house IT person going to compete with a team of experts under that kind of pressure?"

Steve Schweizer
Chief Operating Officer SL Chapman Law Firm

Legal Focused Technologies

Legal Focused Technologies

Making Sense of the Cloud

Is your business ready for the cloud?

So you're thinking about the cloud? It is the future and a very hot topic right now. What and where is your cloud? Our definition of the cloud is simple... if you or your employees can't physically take you to where their email, database, documents, or other important information is kept, as far as they are concerned…. it's in the cloud. One misconception with the cloud is that one size fits all and that just isn’t true. Most companies require a hybrid of solutions depending on how "cloud ready" their business actually is.

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Managing your existing cloud infrastructure.

With HeliosVision your data can be spread across multiple platforms and the cloud services that make the most sense to your business. On premise, private cloud, public clouds like Google, Microsoft, Amazon... it doesn't matter but rest assured you will have a partner in Acropolis that can help you keep it all straight and in control no matter what happens.

At Acropolis we work to find the right combination that fits your business knowing that is going to change over time. There are many aspects of the cloud that will simplify your business life, but there are also many aspects that will make it more complex and that is where we come in.

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