Acropolis adds capacity to the Acropolis Business Cloud

“The Cloud”; You can’t read a tech article or listen to business news without hearing about the cloud. On behalf of an entire industry, I would like to apologize. Never in the history of technology has there been a more exciting, less understood and overused development.

The fact is, the cloud is not a great fit for every business; however, there are many companies that can benefit today or better position themselves to take advantage of the cloud in the future. One thing is certain about Public / Private / Hybrid cloud, the foundation is speed. Connectivity speed, disk speed, host speed, Virtual Machine speed and of course Service speed are the keys to an exceptional user experience. Acropolis has been providing Private and Hybrid hosting as well as co-location services for almost a decade in our highly redundant, top tier St. Louis data center. We have been preparing and testing the latest hosting technology that is truly the future of data access. This technology will be integrated into our existing solutions in the next 90 days. Built on the same platform as some of the largest public cloud providers, our solution will give your business and your staff the technology benefits of the public cloud while offering the connectivity, access, security, and support that only Acropolis can provide. This enhanced platform will dynamically utilize the fastest Solid State Disk (SSD) and tiered storage that will directly benefit both our current and future hosting clients in a way that is inexpensive and scalable to meet your toughest demands.

To find out if “our” cloud or “any” cloud is right for you, contact us today at 314-890-2208 (yes we still like to speak to people) or if you prefer email you can contact us at and we can arrange for a hassle free analysis to see if your business is ready for a cloud solution.

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