Acropolis Technology Group implements ESOP

For Immediate Release Contact: Tracy Butler
July 1, 2015 314-890-2208


Mr. Tracy Butler, and Mr. Bradley Butler, Founders of Acropolis Technology Group, announced that their company has formed an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) and has joined the growing list of companies whose employees are stakeholders.  When the transaction is completed, Acropolis President Mr. Tracy Butler stated that the employees of Acropolis will own 30% of the Company.

Tracy & Brad Butler announced that the buyout of stock will take place over a the next several years.  The first block of stock was sold to the ESOP on June 30, 2015.

Butler said, “Brad and I started Acropolis as a home based business 20 years ago. The ability to share the company in this way with our employees is beyond anything that we could have imagined.  The success of our clients and in turn, Acropolis is directly related to the hard work, dedication, and consistent professional growth of our employees.  We have asked everyone to work extremely hard over the years and today, we are extremely proud to reward our fellow Acropolonians with the best reward possible, equity.”  When asked why now, Butler responded,  “We are frequently approached by investors and companies that are interested in becoming, acquiring or owning a portion of Acropolis.  As Brad and I considered the future of our company and all of our options, it seemed only right to us that it should be shared with the employees.  What better reward for this fine group of individuals than a significant stake in their future, we certainly would not have grown and will not continue to grow on the trajectory that we have come to expect without every exceptional person that chose to work at Acropolis.”

Brad and Tracy announced that they will remain active with the corporation for the foreseeable future with no plans to exit anytime soon.  “The Plan has two objectives,” Tracy indicated.  “First, to share ownership with our employees.  Second, continue to enhance our culture that has made us the best IT company in St. Louis.”

“The result of the plan,” he continued, “should be to increase employee incentives and provide them with long-term retirement benefits that they directly influence.”

Butler added the ESOP supplements the company’s existing 401(k) plan that will remain intact.  He said the ESOP, unlike the 401(k) plan, will let Acropolis employees share in company growth at a level that the majority of employees never get to experience.

At Acropolis, The Butlers expect the ESOP will be an added facet to continue to attract the best employees in the St. Louis market.  This will in turn allow for continued innovation and exceptional IT management of our ever growing client base.