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About The Burns Recovered Support Group, IncAssisting burn survivors in their recovery

The Burns Recovered Support Group, Inc., was formed in 1983 by a group of burn survivors with the assistance of
members of the burn care team at St. John’s Mercy Medical Center.

The mission of Burns Recovered Support Group is to assist burn survivors in their recovery, support medical facilities in
the care of burns in Missouri and educate the public in burn awareness and prevention.

Learn more about the Burns Recovered Support Group at the website:

About Burn Camp

Burns Recovered Support Group provides a special and unforgettable summer camp experience - available for
children and teenagers who have experienced injuries from burns. It is a supportive environment where young
burn survivors spend a week with others who have also experienced burn injuries. There is no charge to any camper
for participation in this program. Burns Recovered Support Group sponsors all the children interested in attending
camp. Since all the children are survivors of burns, everyone has scars on the outside. Campers learn that they are not
defined by their “wrapping paper”. Emphasis is placed on the person on the inside, not the scars on the outside. After
camp, the children will continue on with their lives, but it will be different – they will have new friends and realize they
are not the only one with a burn injury.