August 2014
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Windows XP Registry Hack Will
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Virtual Success
Basic Forms in Microsoft Word
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Windows XP Registry Hack Will Not Protect Your PC Against All Threats
used with permission from Microsoft Security Tips & Talk
by Eve Blakemore

In April, Microsoft ended support for Windows XP. This means that if your computer is still running Windows XP, you are no longer receiving security updates.

Several tech news sources have recently reported a change that you can make to your Windows registry (known as a ďregistry hackĒ) that tells your Windows XP computer that itís running Windows Embedded or Windows Server 2003.

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Virtual Success
used with permission from HP Technology at Work

Itís tough to make a meeting engaging and informativeóitís even harder to do this when the attendees arenít in the same room. Virtual meetings are becoming increasingly important for modern businesses, especially as employees become more mobile and the idea of office hours becomes more blurred.

Organizing and executing a virtual meeting has many of the same challenges as holding an in-person meeting, but some of these may be magnified and others may be completely new to the virtual environment. Letís look at a few pointers to make sure your virtual meetings are as effective as possible.

Preparation is key

Virtual meetings should be planned out well in advance. It starts with sending out the meeting invitation. If youíre inviting participants from different time zones, remember to take this into account. Make sure that the meeting is not too early or too late for any of the participants.

And just like face-to-face meetings, you should have a clear agenda, supporting materials, and any other bits and pieces necessary prepared and sent to your attendees before the meeting occurs. Thereís less chance for improvisation in a virtual meeting, so making sure that everyone has all the materials in advance will be a good backup if something does go wrong with your presentation. In case this happens, make sure all the meeting participants have a way to reach you offline.

Know the tech

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Basic Forms in Microsoft Word 2013

Do you want to insert checkboxes for list options, textfields for names, or automatically formatted date fields in a Word document?

Using basic form options can make life easier for people filling out your documents. They can also make your document appear more professional.

In this tech tip, youíll learn how to access the Developer tab on the Ribbon, insert the most basic and useful fields, and using the Properties of drop-down lists to add the necessary options.

Accessing Form Options on the Developer Tab

To begin adding form items, you need to enable the Developer tab on the Ribbon. This tab is usually hidden by default, but itís easy to turn on.

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Business Continuity Tip
Isolated Incidents

While all disasters pose a serious threat, sometimes it's the ones we least expect that cause the most damage.

You never know when disasters such as burst pipes, illness, fire, or flooding due to a broken sprinkler system might happen to your business.

Anticipating and planning for these types of disasters can make all the difference.
Download Agility's Isolated Events Whitepaper for real world examples of these unexpected events and the various steps you can take to protect your organization.

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