February 2015
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Five actions of a risk aware organization
How to remove duplicates in Excel 2013
You've got (great) mail
Business Continuity Tip

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Five actions of a risk aware organization
used with permission from IBM ForwardView

The business opportunities in cloud and mobile are increasing our connectivity—boosting the number of devices on our network and increasing access to data. Yet, on any given day, the front page headlines scream about the latest data security breach; thieves stealing valuable business assets, including confidential intellectual property as well as personal information about customers and employees.

"It might seem like a catch-22," says Kris Lovejoy, IBM General Manager of Security Services. "To enable your business, you have to embrace technologies like cloud and mobile—for customers, employees, contractors, vendors and other partners. However, some believe that this actually increases their exposure. The fact is that they do not; cloud and mobile may be their best chance to raise their security to new heights."

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How to remove duplicates in Excel 2013

Very commonly you may be dealing with a spreadsheet of data, with many duplicates that you want to remove quickly. This happens often if you are dealing with mailing lists with repeated information (names, email addresses, zipcodes, etc.), an export of data from a system, or a report.

Instead of manually deleting duplicated data to trim down your spreadsheet, use the Remove Duplicates feature!

To demonstrate this feature, we have a simple two column spreadsheet.

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You've got (great) mail
used with permission from HP Technology at Work

Do your business emails get ignored, cause confusion, or get deleted before they're ever opened? If your emails aren't getting results, first be sure you aren't falling prey to these bad email habits. Then ask yourself honestly if you're making any of the following common email mistakes:

Instead of doing this:
Sending emails from unprofessional email addresses or unfamiliar usernames—If you're using a free email domain and/or a made-up email "handle," your emails risk being deleted. An email from cutekitty@hotmail.com is likely to be perceived as spam.

Do this:
Be professional—Save the free email domain for personal emails. For business, obtain your own company email domain and create email addresses incorporating your name and that domain (i.e., Sue.Smith@Smithandjones.com).

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Business Continuity Tip
Don't Get Caught in the Cold

As millions break out their heavy coats and bundle up for the cold temperatures, one thing is clear - winter is officially here.

And with the arrival of bone chilling temperatures, so comes the increased risk to your organization and your home including:
  • Frozen water pipes
  • Burst water mains
  • Other costly structural damages
Get ahead of this system and others by knowing what to expect and how to prepare. Download this free Winter Preparedness Checklist.

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