October 2014
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Don't risk sticking with XP
Social Media Scams Based on
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Analyze data with PivotTables
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Business Continuity Tip

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Don't risk sticking with XP
used with permission from HP Technology at Work

Maybe you've been busy. Maybe you've been waiting for the right time. Maybe you didn't think it was necessary. Whatever your reason for not migrating your business off of Windows® XP and on to Windows 7 or 8.1, it's officially time to stop procrastinating.

When Microsoft® stopped supporting Windows XP on April 8 of this year, they also stopped security updates for the venerable operating system. The simple truth is that if your business is still running Windows XP, you're putting your sensitive data—and your employees—at risk of serious security threats.

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Social Media Scams Based on Current Events
used with permission from Norton Protection Blog
by Nadia Kovacs

We are sure you've seen them lurking in your news feeds- breaking news reporting a celebrity's death, photos of natural disasters striking major cities, video footage of riots and outrage over an accidental shooting- all seemingly legitimate news stories. However, this “news” may not be what it seems.

As of March 31, 2014, Facebook has reported that it has 665 million daily active users. Twitter has 271 million monthly active users. With so many active users, popular social sites are a scammer's paradise. Scammers will try to entice you into clicking by posting sensational or emotional breaking news stories; sometimes capitalizing on a recent news event, or making up a fake, shocking news story. The motives are the same; scammers try to exploit these stories for any kind of financial gain possible.

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Analyze data with PivotTables in Excel

PivotTables are a feature in Excel that helps you pull out and see relationships between parts of very large data sets.

It is essentially a data summarization and visualization tool (Wikipedia). This tech tip will show you how to quickly create your first PivotTable from a relatively small dataset, and modify some of its parameters.

We’ll start with this small dataset.

It has a header row, four columns (Year, Author, Book, and Genre), and 67 rows of data. A header row is necessary for PivotTables.

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Business Continuity Tip
8 Tips to Put Your Plan in Action

Preparing for disasters can seem like a daunting task, often causing many to walk away from the planning process altogether. In fact, 82% of Americans agree "If someone could make it easy for me to be prepared, I'd do it."

In an effort to bring simplicity back to preparedness, we've broken down the facts into a free infographic that highlights the importance of having a disaster recovery plan and the steps you can take today to put your plan into action. You'll learn how to rate your risk, tips for creating a crisis communications plan, creating emergency wallet cards, and conducting a simple disaster recovery test.

Download 8 Tips For Putting Your Disaster Recovery Plan Into Action!

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