September 2014
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Office 365: A More Cost-Effective
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Are Bad Email Habits Wasting
      Your Time?
How to avoid making this major
      mistake during presentations
Business Continuity Tip

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Cure a future headache with a spare

Letís face it, no one likes to spend money. Especially on something that you think you may never have to use. Several times throughout a month, we have clients that face a hardware failure. It can be a hard drive, malware or some other significant issue that could result in that device not being available for a day or two. More times than not, this is just waiting on the manufacturer to send one of their warranty service reps on site to fix it. Regardless, it creates a headache for you and a work stoppage (or at least slow down) for your co-worker. Although this applies to most devices in your environment, I am going to focus on the least expensive and that is a base workstation.

For as little as a few hundred dollars, you can have a remedy that is ready to go in the event of an outage while your original is being repaired. This computer can be pre-configured using your pc build checklist and be sitting idle ready to spring into action in case of an emergency.

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Office 365: A More Cost-Effective Option for Business
used with permission from HTS

As you know, moving to the cloud is a popular solution that many small businesses have decided to take action on. If you arenít a ďtechĒ person, then it can be scary to think of all of your programs or files saved in the cloud, floating in ďouter spaceĒ where you canít physically touch it. Believe me, Iíve been there! But, if you start to research your options, moving to the cloud, especially with Office 365 is a smart option that is more cost-effective than the traditional on-premise option for small businesses with more than 1 PC.

When you break it down, for small and medium businesses, Office 365 is an easy choice. Iím sure there are some exceptions, but Office 365 is a great option for most SMBs.

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Are Bad Email Habits Wasting Your Time?
used with permission from HP Technology at Work

Are bad email habits distracting you, wasting your time, and causing miscommunications with clients, employees and others? Making a few simple changes to the way you handle email will help you improve focus, save time, and communicate more effectively.

Here are five bad email habits that could be holding you backóand positive alternatives to get you moving forward.

Bad habit #1:
 Sending emails late at night, early in the morning, and on weekends.

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How to avoid making this major mistake during presentations
by Joe Serio,

Donít make the near-fatal mistake most people giving a presentation make! No, itís not fatal for you, but itís fatal to the success of your talk.

Youíve done all your planning, researching, writing, and rehearsing. Youíve communicated with the teacher, program organizer, your boss, or whoever is coordinating the event at which youíre speaking.

The big day has arrived; you feel good and have gone through your pre-talk psych up. Youíre good to go. The host has just introduced you.

And now you stand up to start your compelling presentation with passion and energy.

"Hello, my name is Pete Smith. I work at ABC Company. Iím happy to be here. Thank you for that warm introduction. What a wonderful looking audience. Can you hear me in the back? Is this thing working?Ē

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Business Continuity Tip
Don't Let Your Guard Down

With record cool temperatures for parts of the US recently, in addition to a relatively quiet start to hurricane season, it's easy to forget the real dangers and threats associated these storms.

The truth is, now is the best time to prepare for the season ahead. (Remember, "peak hurricane season" runs from mid-August to late October.) Learn the 3.5 reasons to not let your guard down this hurricane season and download the free infographic.

Don't live in a hurricane prone state? Click here to learn why you should care about hurricane season no matter where you live.

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