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10 things you should know about an IT provider's managed services.
See how they stack up against Acropolis.

Choosing a new IT provider is a difficult and important decision. Anyone can make a great looking website or say they “all of the right things” however, as in many industries all IT firms are NOT created equal. With this in mind, we have put together a checklist of things to ask every company you are considering. We hope it is helpful!

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10 things you should know about an IT provider's IT Project services.
See how they stack up against Acropolis.

As you are probably aware, the cost of IT isn’t just the salary of the individual but is comprised by many factors that are sometimes overlooked. We have put together an easy comparison tool that will help you visualize the total cost of IT support, not just the checks you may be writing on the first and fifteenth of the month. We hope it helps!

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HeliosVision Comparison Tool

Internal IT departments cost more than you think. Along with salaries there are benefits, tool and equipment and of course outside consulting fees, because even the best IT departments need help from time to time. The purpose of this tool is to help you compare the actual cost you are paying today versus what a similar plan from Acropolis Technology Group would cost. We have pre-populated the tool with default settings that are typical for the St. Louis Metro Area. We are also using the standard 40 network users to one IT person ratio.

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