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All businesses have different needs when it comes to Cloud solutions. At Acropolis we’ve developed three options to choose from to insure you have the solution that’s right for your business. If you are a current client wanting to explore your options or a regional company looking for a second opinion our no hassle approach will give you the information that you need to help you make the best decision for your business.

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Our HostedCloud option is for clients that are looking for a Co-Location solution that physically moves your core equipment from your office and locates it our St. Louis based Datacenter. You take advantage of datacenter benefits of the redundant power, efficient networking, and advanced climate controls that only a top tier Datacenter can provide while maintaining ownership of your equipment.

One of the benefits of our HostCloud if you every need to take advantage of virtualization, we have an easy migration path to one of our other Cloud options. You have a choice of having your internal IT staff remotely maintaining the equipment or we can assist through one of our HeliosVision Managed Service plans.

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Making Sense of the Cloud

Is your business ready for the cloud?

So you're thinking about the cloud? It is the future and a very hot topic right now. What and where is your cloud? Our definition of the cloud is simple... if you or your employees can't physically take you to where their email, database, documents, or other important information is kept, as far as they are concerned…. it's in the cloud. One misconception with the cloud is that one size fits all and that just isn’t true. Most companies require a hybrid of solutions depending on how "cloud ready" their business actually is.

See how cloud ready your company is with this quick tool.

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Managing your existing cloud infrastructure.

With HeliosVision your data can be spread across multiple platforms and the cloud services that make the most sense to your business. On premise, private cloud, public clouds like Google, Microsoft, Amazon... it doesn't matter but rest assured you will have a partner in Acropolis that can help you keep it all straight and in control no matter what happens.

At Acropolis we work to find the right combination that fits your business knowing that is going to change over time. There are many aspects of the cloud that will simplify your business life, but there are also many aspects that will make it more complex and that is where we come in.

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