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Every IT company will offer to design and manage your Information Technology project. The question is, "Are they staffed and equipped to handle the complexity of the solution?"

Other IT companies may be more focused on quick computer fixes than on doing careful assessments and developing complex IT projects to serve your company's needs. They may not have the knowledge of available technologies that could provide the best solutions for you. They may not have specific staff members assigned to serve just your company. They may worry more about getting paid for their "time and materials" than about implementing long-term, cost-effective solutions. They may hand you the keys to your IT car without asking, "Are you ready to drive?"

If you choose Acropolis as your IT partner, none of these will be a concern.

Our clients come in all shapes, sizes, and industries. Most of them have more questions than answers about technology. We like it that way. We want our clients to be experts in their industries and allow us to bring our depth of IT experience to help develop a great plan, an effective process, and an affordable solution tailored their needs.

Every Acropolis Project has an Account Manager and a Technical Project Manager who are accountable for every aspect of the solution. Unlike most companies that implement projects the same way they implement service, Acropolis understands that processes and methods (and risks) are different for a project than they are for a service ticket. This is the reason we have a separate, accountable, Project Team with distinct expertise in managing the needs of IT projects.

The Account Manager is responsible for proposal development, scope development, and all administrative aspects of the project including pre-project meetings and project close-out. The Account Manager listens to your ideas and gets the right people involved to keep the project moving.

The Technical Project Manager comes on board once you approve the project. This manager takes your business goals and turns them into a specific series of technical steps that ensure the project's success. Unlike most of our competition, our Technical Project Managers won't be doing other jobs. Your manager will have one focus: your project.

Our process takes the technological burden off your shoulders. Your job is to lead your business. Our job is to use intelligent technology to make your business plans a reality.

"This experience (HeliosVision) is quite helpful because it saves time and money. Thanks for making the experience helpful and enjoyable..."

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