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Beverly Farm Foundation

Sentinel Backoffice Backoffice + Advanced

Like most organizations their size, Beverly Farm relied upon a single person with periodic outside support from external vendors.  Also, like many organizations their size, when their internal IT person moves on (as they all eventually do) they were worried that all of their institutional knowledge would leave with him.  In addition, being reliant on just one person meant that when there were multiple on going problems, many important issues had to wait, causing a lot of user frustration and unmet needs.

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Particularly important to me is the continuing update to our overall network infrastructure, and improving the health of our computer system, based on Acropolis’ recommendations, which is backed by the extensive wealth of knowledge they offer. The recommendations made are always in the “best practices” theme, but then discussions are held that help us implement those best practices or as close to them as we can given economic constraints.
Brenda Miller
Finance Director of Beverly Farm

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