My name is Jared Rowley and I am the IT director here at Alsana.  Alsana is an eating disorder treatment facility headquartered here in St. Louis MO.  We currently have facilities in 3 separate states and remote personnel scattered across the US.  When Alsana decided that our current MSP was not working for us, our technology was in shambles.  We needed a company that could devote time and resources to modernize our technology and support our vast array of users.

When we decided on Acropolis, they instantly went to work on getting Alsana into better technological standing.  Our file shares and Active Directory structure was atrocious.  Acropolis has spent vast amounts of time updating and fixing past mistakes others have made.  After months of corrections and updating, we are in great shape.  Acropolis’s support desk is quick and helpful.  They help my users get the support they need.  Any issues we have, be it small or large, Acropolis can handle it.  My users are always praising Acropolis for their timely support and knowledgeable staff.  They consistently surpass expectations and will go the extra step to make sure the job is done right. 

Acropolis has taken Alsana’s technology infrastructure and moved it away from antiquated and unreliable and turned it around to a functioning and resilient system.  They have moved us into a new state of the art datacenter that allows us remote access and fault tolerant redundancy.  Their support allows my users to continue working with little down time when issues arise.  Their monitoring keeps my systems running and gives me a peace of mind knowing there is someone on watch 24/7. Acropolis makes my job and the rest of Alsana’s staff much easier, knowing that our technology is in good hands.