Your Company Website Address: HTTPS or HTTP?

Which one does your company have right now? Google is not going to be very happy with you come this time next year if you answered HTTP. I don’t know about you, but I want our company website on Google’s good side. 

Remember it this way, the “S” in https is very important. It stands for Secure. When a website begins with just http://www. instead of https://www. it means there is nothing between you and that website to secure any information that is being passed back and forth. You need that encrypted connection between you and the visited website to keep you safe from hackers or anyone else who can steal your info. 

Need another reason to make the switch? Starting next year, Google Chrome will start coming down hard on the http sites. This means the website visitor (possibly your potential client) will get a notification that the site is not secure. Would you want them receiving this warning before visiting your site? We definitely wouldn’t. Especially being a technology company that thrives on securing our clients to the best of our ability - that would be a very bad look for us. 

If you are one of those lucky businesses who do need to change over to https, don’t worry too much. You can show this guide to your web developer if they need help:

Maria Berra