3 Reasons Why You Should Embrace the Cloud

Remember cloud watching? It’s that thing you’d do when you were bored and you’d just stare up at the sky and call out what you saw. “It’s a dinosaur!” Kind of like cloud watching – because it too seems to have gone extinct. We should bring it back. Get a bunch of amber and scientists and build a park dedicated to cloud watching. It’ll make millions.

Okay, maybe it hasn’t gone entirely extinct yet. We’re all just watching a different cloud now. A better cloud. The Cloud. Here’s the dealio, the Cloud is not impending. It’s already here. And it’s raining IT solutions, hallelujah! (Just doesn’t have the same ring to it, but you get the idea.) The Cloud is a good thing.

If you’re still reluctant to let go of that hard drive the size of an 80’s boombox (or the size of 80’s hair for that matter), we get it. A mysterious technology that stores things in a cyberspace far, far away might seem scary. But it’s really not. In fact, we think you might come to embrace the cloud! And here’s why:

Take It with You – External hard drives (or uncomfortably large filing cabinets – whatever floats your boat) may be handy in the office. But what happens when you need to work on something elsewhere? It’s not like you can load up your massive filing cabinet in the car or on public transit, you know? Besides, pulling files – both manually and virtually – is a pain. The Cloud allows you to access your information no matter where you are, 24/7.

Secure Your Data – Accidents happen. It’s not like you can control the weather, although we’re 83.76% sure there’s an evil genius out there trying to do just that! What you can do, though, is back up everything that’s important to you on the Cloud in case of a systems failure. Your data will be safe and secure offsite, even if your office, computers, or army of filing cabinets are damaged.

Share the Love – Your mom was right when she told you that sharing is caring. It’s totally applicable here. One of the best things about the Cloud is just how damn easy it is to share all your important information with your team. After a data backup, sharing becomes as effortless as sending a link to your colleagues. Boom. Done. That’s it. Game over. No more massive emails with Hulk-sized files attached to them.

See, the Cloud isn’t such a bad thing after all! It’s like Old Man Marley in Home Alone: seems scary, but pretty much saves the day. Of course, the Cloud does make more sense for some companies than it does for others. But if you’re ready to get your company started on some expert Cloud solutions, Acropolis has got you covered.

Tech TalkMaria Berra