5 Important Things Encryption Can Do for Your Business

As a business owner, you take plenty of steps to ensure your company remains safe at the end of the day. You shut off the lights and lock the doors to keep thieves out. Your alarm is armed and ready to sound should anyone attempt to break in. These are all fine and good, but what about the insides of your business? Have you taken precautions in safeguarding your vital information?

You might already work with this mysterious cybernetic superhero that works 24/7 to protect your data. You just might not know it. No, we’re not talking about Batman. We like to call this vigilante of justice encryption.

If you have no idea what encryption is, think of it like a towering bouncer standing outside of the hippest nightclub in the city. Everyone (*ahem* thieves) will try every trick in the book to get inside, but your stern, incredibly muscular bouncer just won’t have it. It surrounds the doors (i.e. your data) with a robust layer of security, making it impossible for hackers and thieves to seize and utilize your sensitive data.

If this sounds too good to true, then you’re going to want to see what else your fancy bouncer called encryption can do for your company:

Protects External Hard Drives – These handy devices can store an awful lot of data, and believe us, thieves will practically skip for joy should they find yours. Watch the laugher die on their lips after they see that all of your confidential information and sensitive client data are encrypted, which makes it impossible for them to read.

Laptops Are Safe, Too – Sometimes things get lost in the mix. An employee might accidentally leave a work laptop in a hotel or lose it in the luggage terminal after a business trip. You can rest more easily if your data is encrypted. Would-be thieves won’t be able to access the data, which means the loss to your company is greatly minimized. The same goes for USB sticks and thumb drives – should they fall out of your pocket, the data can’t be compromised if it’s encrypted!

Email Becomes Secure – What’s one good way to land your company in trouble? Unencrypted email. Should any unsecured messages be sent and become compromised, you could find yourself in a nearly irreparable mess. Encryption will help secure your emails’ contents as they float about in cyberspace and land gracefully in your recipients’ mailboxes, keeping all your business’s sensitive information safe.

Transfer Files Safely – Sending files over an unsecured network is sort of akin to talking to your friend loudly about your nail fungus problem in the middle of a busy store. Your sensitive information can easily be compromised and picked up by passers-by who then know probably more than they wanted to about you. But what if you talked to your friend in your own special code? Then no one could figure out what the heck you were saying. Protect your secrets – encrypt your sensitive files to keep them safe, even on a secured network.

Safeguard Instant Messaging – More and more businesses are using instant messaging platforms like Skype to share confidential information in-house. Yes, that includes that gif of Nicolas Cage shooting laser beams out of his eyes you sent your coworker to cheer him up. As convenient as this is, it can become a big liability if any data is compromised. Fortunately, encryption can help secure any transmission, keeping data – and your memes – safe from harm.

Encryption is definitely an effective security measure to keep all of your important documents and data safe. But sometimes even the toughest of bodyguards can only go so far. Let Acropolis Technology Group help protect everything that matters to your business. Give us a ring at (314) 890-2208 to see how we can help keep your business safe from disaster!

Tech TalkMaria Berra