IT Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

Remember when you “watched” that scary movie with your high school sweetheart and the suspenseful music started to swell? And the lighting changed so you couldn’t really see anything on the screen. And BAM. Jump scare. Some dude with a chainsaw or a hatchet or a bfk (that’s a big freakin’ knife, if you couldn’t guess) popped up and killed someone while you were left holding on just a little bit tighter to that special someone beside you.

Yeah, that’s basically how a lot of today’s IT companies operate. They build up all this suspense surrounding a super climactic jump scare moment. But instead of a hockey mask wearing thug or some crazy motel owner with mommy issues, the bad guy is more like a massive data breach or a computer virus that crashes everything.

Several companies primarily focus on the jump scare moment of an IT disaster. They know that when it happens, they can swoop in and charge top dollar for data recovery. And yes, IT disasters are a very real (and very scary) reality, but a good IT firm knows there’s more to providing superior technological services than just fixing things that go wrong. In fact, fixing issues is the easiest part of the job.

Yes, Acropolis fixes issues. But our main focus is on preventing those issues from happening in the first place – keeping the jump scare moments at bay instead of just responding to them. Our proactive approach to technology ensures that no aspect of your managed IT services goes unnoticed or neglected. Be it through monitoring, testing, filtering, patching, updating, or any other techy verb ending with an “ing,” we shine a light on technology to help limit the amount of dark spaces where psychos can hide.

IT doesn’t have to be scary. Acropolis Technology Group works with small- and medium-sized businesses to structure IT solutions that serve as evidence to that fact. We proudly represent the human element of technology, not just because we’re humans and not machines (which would be an entirely different kind of horror movie), but also because our qualified team is there with you every step of the way.

Tech TalkMaria Berra