There’s No Such Thing as a Stupid Question

IT can be confusing sometimes. You know it. We know it. Oprah knows it (you get an IT issue and you get an IT issue and everyone gets an IT issue!). Point is, you know you need IT, and yet you probably have no clue how it actually works… kind of like your kidneys. Apparently, you need those things. But unless you’re in the medical field or once spiraled into a black hole on Wikipedia and learned everything you never wanted to know about your body’s beans, then you probably don’t know how they function. Same goes for IT.

Lucky for you, we’re like the Wikipedia of technology. And we’re here to answer all of your IT questions:

How do I pick an IT provider?


This isn’t Tinder or Bumble or whatever newfangled “dating” app the kids are using these days. You can’t just look at a few photos, read a quick bio, and swipe right to magically match with an IT provider. Sure, you can look at their website and find out a lot about them – their partnerships, clients, services, etc. – but nothing quite compares to actually meeting them. You’re looking for a long-term relationship here, not just a summer fling. So, of course you’ve got to meet the sales team, the support staff, even the owners to ensure they have your best interests in mind.

How do you address the fear of changing IT vendors or staff?


Some IT vendors like to hide information and make it seem like they’re the only ones who can actually help you. They play games, and not just computer games (because what IT guy doesn’t dabble in gaming every once in a while?). They try to manipulate you into staying with them, while continuing to provide you with poor service.

Whenever we bring on a new client, we often end up undoing things done by former IT staff or providers. We get to know the environment and we follow the best practices from Microsoft and other vendors to provide you with exactly what you need. Sure, it can be unnerving sometimes, but we remain transparent with you, reminding you that this is what we do, this is why you brought us in, and this will help you.

What is the role of the Acropolis ProActive Services Team?


Remember the precogs in Minority Report and how they were able to predict crime before it happened? Yeah, our ProActive Services Team is kind of like that except the working conditions are much, much better, the crimes are just IT issues, and there’s no Tom Cruise. Okay, maybe it’s not exactly the best analogy, but you get the general idea. They basically ensure we’re making good on our promises by performing backup checks, monitoring, patching, and doing everything they can to help prevent future downtime and loss of data. The entire goal of the ProActive Services Team is to fix things before you even know they need fixing. Which means they work in the shadows – unseen – keeping your company up and running efficiently.

Is the Cloud right for my business?


Maybe. There’s a chance. Unfortunately, this isn’t like a Magic 8-Ball situation. There are a lot of variables to consider here. If you’re a small- to medium-sized organization and widely dispersed, then the Cloud makes a lot of sense. But if you aren’t connected to offsite services, then the whole Cloud thing is probably a no-go. That being said, we have a team of project engineers that will assess your situation and provide you with all of the necessary data in order for you to make an informed decision about the Cloud. We won’t recommend a solution that we don’t believe will entirely satisfy you.

If you still have questions regarding IT strategies, you should totally hit up Wikipedia. And by that we mean you should drop us a line sometime. Contact Acropolis Technology Group to learn more about our services and how we can provide the best solution for your business.

Tech TalkMaria Berra