4 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Business IT

Let’s face it, no one really likes change. We get set in our ways and like the way things have always been. But the danger with that is we tend to get a bit crotchety and begin to tell the dang kids to get off our lawn and play their loud music elsewhere. Change may not be easy, but it’s imperative if you want to keep giving your business a competitive edge. Updating your business IT is a good way to do that, but how do you know when you need to go ahead and upgrade?

If you’re on the fence at all (or don’t even know where to begin – it’s okay, we’ve all been there), don’t fret. Here are 4 signs that you should consider updating your business IT:

Your Productivity is Going Downhill

And we’re not talking about bored employees scrolling through GIPHY trying to find the perfect GIF to send their work buddies through instant messaging. When a real problem arises such as your system taking too long to respond or your software lagging, it can cause some pretty big issues. Your staff may feel frustrated and become demotivated as they wait for your company’s old tech to do its job. Get feedback from your employees and managers on what’s grinding their gears tech-wise. Then talk to us – we can help diagnose the problem and get you on the right track.

Your Security is Being Compromised

Have you noticed anything, well, off at your business lately? Maybe some unusual network activity, or perhaps iffy emails from “people” in your company who never actually sent you a message? When your security isn’t as strong as it should be, your system can come under frequent cyber attacks. This is as good a reason as any to ditch your old technology and upgrade. It will protect your valuable data and help keep your doors open for business.

Your Company Is Going in a Different Direction

Sometimes companies go down different paths as they grow. Maybe you opened your shop to begin serving donuts to hungry customers. Now you want to add on by giving the same hungry customers the option of ordering unicorn-themed sweets online with their own sweet treat kits. Whenever your business decides to go into a different direction, your technology should change alongside it. Ask yourself where you’re headed, evaluate your current tech, and chat with us about migration possibilities and other nerdy things we love.

Your Company Is Growing Quickly

Growth is a good thing, and we want all of you business owners out there to experience it! But when your organization starts growing rapidly, you will need to start making some important changes. This includes your technology and IT solutions. Maybe you feel the need to begin storing data in a hybrid cloud, for instance. Just step back, assess the situation, weigh your options, and have an idea of what you want before you talk with the experts.

We want the best for your small business. Remember to embrace change like a long-lost friend, take a hard look at your current technology, pick up the phone, and call your friends at Acropolis Technology Group at (314) 890-2208. We can help you find the perfect IT solutions for you and your company!

Tech TalkMaria Berra