Experience the Best of Both Worlds with the Hybrid Cloud!

Cloud computing can sometimes be akin to food. You’ve probably been here before: you amble into a restaurant, hungry from all of your adventuring, and pretty much everything sounds good to you. You just can’t seem to narrow it down between a tantalizing patty melt or the always-enjoyable French dip. As the waiter begins sauntering your way, paper and pen in hand, sweat beads your forehead in indecision. You just don’t know which to choose!

That’s when your buddy points out that you can just get whatever the heck you want at the buffet.

How does cloud computing tie into the sweat-inducing choices you make at a restaurant? Well, for starters, it can be awfully tough to figure out which cloud architecture would work best for your business. You need to pick the best solution that will address your security, redundancy needs, and more. So how do you decide? Por qué no los dos? Have the best of both worlds with the hybrid cloud!

Hold Up, What’s a Hybrid Cloud?

It might not be as majestic as a unicorn and a Pegasus combined, but it’s awfully handy (and, you know, real). Hybrid clouds are unique cloud-computing environments that mix the characteristics and capabilities of public and private clouds. And we love ‘em.

Should I Really Consider a Hybrid Cloud for My Business?

Well, they are pretty darn cool, so there’s that. But if you want some real expert advice, keep on reading for several ways why the hybrid cloud might be the best for you:

You Have Options

You want options? You’ve got ‘em with the hybrid cloud. Much like the aforementioned buffet line, you can pick and choose where you’d like to place your various data and enterprise resources, whether in a private or public setting.

And Security, Too
You’ve probably heard that public clouds are really useful, but storing your sensitive data in one isn’t as secure as a private cloud. The struggle is real. Fortunately, hybrid clouds allow you to store your sensitive documents securely in a private cloud setting while placing not-as-important information within a public cloud setting. That’s what we call winning.

Greater Redundancy

Redundancy is good in the IT world. It’s always wise to keep copies of your important documents in several secure places. With a hybrid cloud, you can easily store your data inside both cloud architects to increase redundancy, improve your user access, and reduce your overall risk. Oh, and if one part of the cloud is down for some reason, you will always be able to work off the other part until it’s restored!

It Grows with You

Your hybrid cloud should be special and different from everyone else’s – it should grow as you grow and fit your exact needs as time goes by. So whenever you need to scale your resources, the hybrid cloud makes it quick and easy and is also budget-friendly!

If your business is in a transitional stage or simply isn’t sure which cloud architecture to choose, we do recommend a hybrid option. When that time comes, chat with your friends at Acropolis Technology Group. Our hybrid cloud service gives you the flexibility and security that you need. Call us today at (314) 890-2208 to learn more!

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