Bradford National Bank

Bradford National Bank was founded in 1867 by James Bradford and his son, Samuel. Today, the bank has over $196 million in assets, four full-service locations, and over 60 employees who provide friendly, personal service.


The bank had a single, in-house IT person to manage a complex system. Bradford had been turning to a local company for periodic IT help, but the company was only able to offer limited services. Acropolis initially was hired to do an assessment to recommend strategies for best practices when it came to network design and security.

During that assessment, Bradford’s IT staffer left the company. Suddenly, Bradford needed a solution not only for navigating its ever-changing IT needs but also for managing its day-to-day operational issues.


Acropolis first addressed a few problems on a trial basis. Bradford was quickly impressed by our deep bench of experts, including a separate, dedicated project team. This was important because the bank was entering a growth period in which many parallel initiatives were under way, and Acropolis was able to maintain the company’s high daily service levels while at the same time providing a separate group of engineers to work on project execution.  Soon Acropolis was helping manage and provide guidance on IT to better serve Bradford’s customers.


Dealing with multiple vendors, solution providers, and day-to-day IT management is difficult for many organizations. Now Bradford has Acropolis serving almost as an employee who deals with all of those issues, as we wrap our arms around everything having to do with IT at Bradford and make sure the bank’s investments in their IT systems and new technology projects are protected.