Byerly RV Center

Byerly RV is a RV Dealer that has been in business since 1948. We have a Sales force, Parts and Serve Dept, and we Rent RV too. We are over 60 employees and growing.  

The Challenge

We struggled with our outside IT firm when it came to addressing issues or concerns. We found some items that were security and privacy concerns, that were not being addressed. They also couldn’t handle large scale projects like network group setups, and new WiFi network setups for our facilities.

The Solution

Acropolis put together a plan to reconfigure our current network to add internal and external access points for company wide WiFi coverage.  Acropolis is also very quick to respond and help with any technical problem that arises. We have been very pleased with our Account Manager (Troy) and the technicians that we have worked with. Compared to the two previous IT firms that we have had in the past five years, we can tell Acropolis knows what they are doing. 

The Return

Our employees can address their problems and/or concerns faster, which helps get them back to preforming their jobs. The added WiFi that was put in place has helped our technicians working on tablets perform their job to the expectations we were hoping for. Since technology changes so quickly, we can plan for the future - Updating our facility equipment and network setup since Byerly RV has been at this location for 18 years and counting.