Byron Carlson Petri & Kalb, LLC

Providing experienced and passionate representation, Byron Carlson Petri & Kalb, LLC, is ready to protect your rights. Located in Edwardsville, Illinois, they represent clients in St. Louis and throughout Metro East and the Illinois Riverbend.

Rebecca Reilly - Operations Director:

"When we started working with Acropolis Technology Group, we were a small group of attorneys and even smaller group of staff.  They were a small group working out of a space in Wood River, Illinois.  That was more than 13 years ago.  Since then, with expert assistance and guidance of staff at Acropolis Technology Group, we have more than doubled our firm size and been able to be innovative in the area of technology advancements, on a moderate budget.  A few years ago, in an effort to reduce overhead costs, we stepped away from Acropolis Technology Group.  We learned very quickly not all technology companies are created equal.  The loss in staff productivity and missed deadlines, due to down time, can swiftly exceed the belt tightening savings earned from the competitor we tried.   

The staff at Acropolis Technology Group is meticulous in problem solving and eliminating our downtime, not only in daily operations but also during major projects, such as server upgrades and firm relocations.  Acropolis Technology Group has protected our server from constantly evolving outside threats.  After a Crypto Locker attack, Acropolis Technology Group was able to recover and restore all our files in a very short amount of time. Additionally, they added a preventative measure to protect our system from future attacks.  We learned not long afterwards that measure was put to the test and worked just as designed.  The brain power of the NOC, who field the daily calls and address all the troublesome issues users encounter quickly with little interruption.  Our assigned vCIO and different project managers we have worked with over the years have always surpassed our expectations in implementation, deadlines and mitigation of server / email / internet outage.

 Often times, we put unrealistic expectations on our technology – expecting it to churn away day after day without fail and sometimes maintenance.  The Acropolis Technology Group Helios Managed Client program surpasses the expectations we have, even those unrealistic ones.  There is constant, behind the scenes management of our software and system.  This monitoring gives us the peace of mind, knowing our technology is protected.  It, also, allows us to better focus our time on our clients.  The well-oiled machine that the Butler brothers have built is responsive and vigilant in current and future needs of our firm.  Pat, James, Scott, Gary, Brad, Barton, Sarah, Mike, Chris, Joe, Sugi and the rest of the team of voices on the phone, who work tirelessly to make sure we continue to be successful in our business, meet industry standards for safeguarding client information and stay connected, always make our concerns their own.  We are more than a customer at Acropolis Technology Group, they treat us like family."