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Genovese Jewelers

Genovese Jewelers is one of the largest jewelers in the country since 1981. They offer an unparalleled selection of diamonds and gems, fine and fashion jewelry, as well as in house custom jewelry for customers seeking one-of-a-kind creations or repair services. Their mission is to make every customer a friend through our passion for beautiful, handcrafted jewelry and focused service excellence. 

The Challenge

With the newer technology and older work force we were not compatible with the newer systems we were installing and working with. Along with the newer systems, the technology group that we were using at the time would correct the problem, but we would be left in the background on what exactly what was going on or being adjusted. 

The Solution

Acropolis has offered us new ways to look at technology by quick responses, effective explanations, and outstanding customer service. With the challenges that we experience on a monthly basis, having the tech support with just a call or email away, they quickly reply with an effective response that helps us get our days rolling. Not only do they respond quickly, but they explain in depth on what is going on, and how to solve the problem. One problem a lot of people have when working with technology groups, is understanding the terminology, Acropolis has always double checked to make sure that we have fully understood each and every situation. 

The Return

With the never ending technology upgrades Acropolis keeps our system in perfect working order and up to date in the most efficient ways possible. Over all, "Acropolis has been very pleasant to work with." -Genovese Staff. 

Acropolis = TECH  T - Technical  E - Expertise  C - Consistent  H - Helpers