Glendale Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

We are a new car dealership in the St Louis Metro area. We just celebrated our 51st year in business serving the St. Louis and surrounding areas with all their automotive needs. We offer sales, service, parts and a collision center. Thus, our IT needs are unique and often challenging, in addition our hours of operation as not the normal 8 to 5 business day.

The Challenge

In 2010, we embarked on a multimillion dollar facility expansion project to build a state of the art facility to accommodate our customers' needs. However our IT infrastructure was a mess and despite having a local Manage Service Provider, we experienced daily network failures, internet outages, and crashed pc’s. Our network consistent of just under 50 PC's, purchased used through our previous MSP.

The Solution

After it became clear our network would prevent us from providing the level of services our customers have come to expect, we began interviewing other MSP’s and learned that not all Managed Services Providers are created equal. We chose Acropolis. Immediately, Acropolis took inventory of our equipment and began taking steps to stabilize our network and manage our multitude of issues. In a short time, the IT environment was stable and Acropolis began addressing our magnitude of software licensing violations, assisted in building action plans to get us into licensure compliance, replace the unreliable, unlicensed, used PC's and began building the infrastructure that would grow with us. Acropolis is the definition of a Managed Service Provider.

The Return

Today we run over 100 reliable PC's on our stable network. It is not uncommon for me to receive a call from Acropolis support after hours to advise me that a server has lost connection to their support systems. This allows us the ability to resolve the issue prior to normal business hours. The 24 hour on call support is priceless. As I mentioned, we have longer business hours than all MSP’s, however Acropolis 24 hour monitoring and on call support gives us a the peace of mind we need to focus on what we do…sell and service customers automotive needs.

Acropolis has the capacity and depth to support our ever changing and challenging needs.

 - Jenni Belding