Heizer Aerospace


Heizer Aerospace specializes in the machining of aluminum alloys, titanium, and other exotic materials for the aerospace industry. They have a reputation for producing parts other machine shops find difficult or impossible to manufacture.

The Challenge

Since Heizer serves commercial, military, and space systems, the company needed secure, process-driven IT management. Facing significant growth and subject to new regulatory requirements, Heizer needed updated technology and a vendor that could help them navigate the complexities that a network refresh demands.

The Solution

Heizer was working with an SAP business process consultant who quickly realized planning and support would be critical as Heizer moved to the next phase of its business. Acting on the consultant’s recommendation, Heizer contacted Acropolis. Once Heizer understood not only our project methodology but our service methodology, the company chose Acropolis to manage their IT needs.

The Return

Acropolis created and maintains a much more secure environment for Heizer, lessening the risk to their business. At the same time, Acropolis has helped Heizer to meet the enterprise class management and security requirements its partners require, and to meet ITAR standards as well.