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Technology is typically the second largest expense next to payroll in most companies. Unfortunately, it is also the most difficult to understand and manage. Small IT departments often work without a ticketing system, making it difficult to address chronic problem areas when the acute, "noisy" problems tend to attract most of the spending. Documentation is rarely completed due to your team’s constant response to emergencies. The threat of your IT staff expanding their career by taking a job elsewhere keeps you up at night because all of the knowledge of your technical systems are in the heads of a few people. We face this challenge every day and have several options that can help.   

We bring technology management and support to where your technology is today. We understand that every business is unique but there are many IT issues that are shared and common among several small- to medium-sized companies. We have provided St. Louis IT management and support for over 20 years and our hosting and managed services practice date back to 2004. If you are looking at hiring additional technical staff or just need a safety net when your small team takes vacation, Acropolis can help. We offer the tools and expertise to help.

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