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Hesse Martone

Hesse Martone pride themselves on practicing law differently than many law firms. They strive to add value to their clients' businesses, to counsel their clients, to assist them in finding creative solutions to their business problems and to be perceived by their clients as an asset to their business. Their practice is both regional and national in scope. Approximately half of their firm's work relates to matters occurring in the St. Louis bi-state area. The firm has clients located throughout the United States and beyond.

Gil Williams - Attorney

"Hesse Martone has expanded in terms of attorneys, clients, and scope of our work.  As a result, our IT needs grew exponentially and we were rapidly outgrowing our limited in-house support.   We needed a solid, responsive IT team to help us standardize software, hardware and support in multiple states as well as provide the foundation for significant planned upgrades to our IT systems, and to do so within a clearly stated budget. Acropolis has solved our immediate challenges and much more.  They have handled the routine, day-to-day issues of our team in a friendly and efficient way, while becoming a trusted partner in developing our IT systems to meet the broad needs of the firm. Acropolis has helped us accomplish a number of technical milestones to make our IT systems more secure, more efficient, and more user-friendly to attorneys, staff and most importantly, clients.  Among other things, Acropolis has made our backups systems bullet-proof, migrated our extensive email systems to Office 365 and much of our data to secure cloud, helped us upgrade our telecom to a much more efficient and significantly less expensive system, and provided support in evaluating complex legal software. I worked in IT systems for a number of years prior to becoming an attorney and I believe I can recognize good and bad IT service.  Acropolis had not only the technical proficiency and competence to resolve issues, but have always been extraordinarily responsive and accessible when we need them.  Because of both the depth of their technical team and their availability and commitment 24/7, we know we can count on them with mission-critical projects.  They are also understanding of fitting within a budget and limiting costs when needed."