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Technology can be so much more… We can help.

We are more than just the company you call when your IT assets stop performing. In fact, fixing issues is the easiest part of the job. Acropolis Technology Group was the first IT company in St. Louis to create the Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO), a dedicated ProActive Services Team, and separate the Project Team from the Service Team. Everyone else followed suit. Our Proactive Services Team ensures our maintenance tasks are not overlooked due to urgent technical issues. Monitoring, testing backups, spam filtering, patching, and updating anti-virus and anti-malware are always taken care of. Our Project Team enables us to complete IT projects on time and on budget without having to be pulled away to respond to emergencies. Others claim they can do it better but overlook these details. We do not. That is why some of the most successful St. Louis businesses rely on Acropolis. Call us to find out if we can help make your technology more secure, consistent, and predictable.

Our Office

Acropolis Technology Group
300 Hunter Avenue, Suite 103
Clayton, MO 63124

Missouri: 314.890.2208
Illinois: 618.254.8733

Toll Free: 800.742.6316
St. Louis Fax No. 314.721.8788

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Employee Owned. Client Focused. 

We view our clients as partners. Their success is ultimately our success. We ensure that success by providing adaptable technology solutions and proactive technology management. We combine our expertise with an open, personable, and approachable employee culture that places a premium on our unique talents woven into our tested processes developed over the last 20 years. As an Employee Owned ESOP, we think ownership is the "secret sauce" to our clients’ direct benefit. Every employee is an owner and has the responsibility to solve your problem because quite simply, our mutual success depends on it. It's not surprising that we have very little employee turnover and our long term clients deal with "Acropolonians" that have called Acropolis home for a very long time. 

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Employee Owned.

 Client Focused.

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