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HomeTel is a family business with a long-standing goal to provide the latest high-tech services to area residents and businesses. We have a proven history of ensuring our customers have the best services possible – as soon, or sooner, than anywhere else in the country.

The Challenge

As a small company, it was very difficult to find someone with the knowledge to manage all of the various systems we use to provide service while also providing support to in-house computers and servers. 

The Solution

Acropolis has the depth and staff to manage/upgrade our servers, provides expert advice for new services we need and handles system upgrades, special projects, data back-ups and security as well as support for our desktops, laptops and devices.  Acropolis ensures our systems are running properly and usually notices when a server is having trouble before we do.

The Return

With the support from Acropolis, we have been relieved of the burden of system maintenance, support and can focus on our business – providing service to our customers.