Limbaugh Construction

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Limbaugh Construction Co. Inc., a second generation company founded in 1994, is a leading, medium size, general contracting firm located in Illinois providing construction services for the St. Louis metropolitan region.


Before I started my full-time position at Limbaugh Construction, the company’s IT was like most other small business construction firms. We had a hodge podge of desktops, laptops, software of varying versions, and a server/network that was put together by “a friend of a friend of a friend”.  While I had a background in programming, I was not able to fix all the computer problems that arose.  And most importantly, I didn’t want or have the time to do so!  I knew we needed professional help to get our IT structure in order and secure.  


In stepped Acropolis.  I know that their personnel can not only help fix most IT problems we encounter, but they also keep track of our system performance, giving me advice and options on staying up-to-date.  Acropolis’ expert services have given me one less thing to worry about while running my company.