Project Management & Fulfillment

At Acropolis, we have been doing this long enough to understand that not all technology projects are created equal.  They differ in scope, required outcomes and demand the right experts to ensure ultimate success.  We will never promise you "all you can eat projects" to get your business only to make you wait, be forced to delay or assign a junior engineer that will learn on your time.  It's rarely the cost of the project that is the problem when compared to long delays, incomplete scope or projects that aren't documented well enough to be transitioned to service.  If your project is routine, we will treat it that way.   If your project is complex, we will take the time and find the possible delays and address them early by  performing a careful assessment and develop solutions that meet our clients' specific needs.  Our clients are the experts in their industries and trust us to bring our depth of IT experience to help develop a great plan, an effective process, and a finite timeline for completion of their IT project.  When you partner with Acropolis, the days of “the never finished” IT project or "we will get to it when we aren't doing service emergencies" IT project are a thing of the past.  Our dedicated Project Team was purposefully designed to make sure that once a client starts a project with Acropolis, it will receive our undivided attention until it is completed.  The best part is -  your project will not suffer at the expense of service and service will not suffer because we are working on projects.

Every project undertaken by Acropolis has a dedicated Account Manager and Technical Project Manager assigned to interface with and assist the client: 

The Account Manager is responsible for proposal development, scope development, and all administrative aspects of the project including pre-project meetings and project close-out. The Account Manager listens to your ideas and gets the right people involved to keep the project moving.

The Technical Project Manager comes on board once you approve the project. This manager takes your business goals and turns them into a specific series of technical steps that ensure the project's success.  Unlike most of our competition, our Technical Project Managers won't be doing other jobs.  Your manager will have  one focus: executing and working to complete your project.

Our process takes the technological burden off your shoulders. Your job is to lead your business. Our job is to use intelligent technology to make your business plans a reality.



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All Acropolis Technology Group projects, from the on boarding of a new client to the installation of a new server are conducted using a strict project methodology that we've developed and refined over 20 years and thousands of engagements. 

Every project Includes:

  • Team based approach lead by your virtual chief information officer (vCIO)
  • Detailed preliminary planning
  • Technical input and expertise at each phase 
  • Easy to follow documentation
  • Scheduling and resource oversight by a dedicated ITS project coordinator
  • Internal and client-facing post project evaluations

Acropolis Technology Group renews our SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type II Service Certification for Helios Managed Service and DataCenter Solutions.

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