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Rex Encore

Rex Encore provides venture capital and experienced hands-on management to an array of companies.

The Challenge

The principal owners of Rex Encore have worked with Acropolis off and on for many years. In 2007, against our advice, they opted to choose a lower-cost provider for their network management and technology consulting needs. By 2009, they realized they again needed Acropolis’ IT expertise. We quickly identified many areas needing attention:  aging server hardware, inconsistent desktop environments, and inadequate mobile data access.

The Solution

Rex Encore moved to a cloud-computing environment at the Acropolis data center in St. Louis. This provided them with all the features they were looking for—secure and consistent servers, easier remote data access for their highly mobile workforce—at an affordable and predictable cost. Rex Encore was able to stop worrying about hardware failures, backups, and licensing concerns, and to concentrate on running their business.

The Return

Since the project was completed in Spring 2010, the firm has enjoyed a higher level of stability and flexibility.  During regularly scheduling meetings, Acropolis helps Rex Encore to navigate the technology aspects of their ever-evolving and dynamic business.