Saint Anthony’s Health Center

Saint Anthony’s Health Center has been providing health care to the greater community of Alton, Illinois since opening as an Infirmary in 1925. Today, as an acute care, independent health system sponsored by the Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George, Saint Anthony’s has grown into a multi-campus health system that employs cutting-edge technology.

The Challenge

2006 was a year of transition for Saint Anthony’s. New IT leadership within the organization recognized the opportunity to upgrade the overall IT architecture to best position Saint Anthony’s for the evolving dynamics of healthcare IT. “Saint Anthony’s looked to Acropolis for expertise, personnel and high level IT ‘tools’ in order to protect, manage and improve our information technology system,” says Sister M. Anselma, VP of Professional Services. Acropolis identified the need for better management of 400 workstations, an update to the Windows server farm and the latest data security and protection.

“Acropolis proved to be the perfect partner to take Saint Anthony’s IT to the next level,” says Sister M. Anselma.

The Solution

Acropolis provided its comprehensive IT management plan:  HeliosVison Advanced Managed IT. To ensure that no data would be lost in the event of an equipment failure—a crucial issue to address—Acropolis immediately set up data backups of every server and employed the Acropolis ImageVault to run nightly, encrypted images of every server.

Acropolis also implemented the HeliosVision ticketing management system to document every problem and its resolution. Service records began across all 1,000 of the health center’s devices. This allowed Saint Anthony’s and Acropolis to easily address trends and problems, including those that had previously gone unseen or unreported. Continuity of staff was no longer a concern. And HeliosVision provided comprehensive reporting for everything from asset management to security patch implementation, roll back, and compliance auditing.

The Return

Acropolis offered the depth that only a staff of 30-plus people can bring. If experts were needed in a specific area of service, Acropolis was able to supply them at no additional cost to the hospital. Estimates for first-year cost savings were over $200,000 while adding capabilities that did not exist prior to partnering. Saint Anthony was able to enjoy these savings while adding a greater level of IT control and reporting, and while having an IT partner that they could contact at any time—even after hours—to address technical issues quickly.

Here's what OSF has to say about Acropolis...

“This is what Be Accountable looks like to me. Cameron and Andrew (Acropolis techs) recently stepped in to assist with printer issues during a massive print job by Administration that was on a deadline. They both quickly started troubleshooting and resolved the issues. They also remained available until the very last letter was printed. This is what Be Accountable looks like to me. Their excellent attitude and great service positively impacts our Workforce Commitment and ultimately our Service Excellence for the patients and doctors receiving the letters. Thank you, both, for the exceptional service!!" - Georgia Henke, OSF Healthcare

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful job you do, every single day!  You greatly impact our Work Force Commitment by responding as quickly as you can to our IT issues.  Our clinicians can’t function without their laptops working and are so appreciative of your quick response time & being so patient with them when they are frustrated that things are not working properly.  I believe you demonstrate every single one of our Cultural Beliefs but the ones I see most are Align Priorities, Live It & Be Accountable.  Because of the great work you do, our Mission Partners are able to give our patients the Greatest Care & Love and the OSF Experience that makes us the best in the area!  Thanks again for all you do!!"  - Kimberly Carrington, OSF Healthcare

“I wanted to take a moment to tell you what a great job Andrew does. He always goes above & beyond to provide the best service he can and always does it with a smile. He is very responsive to our needs and works around our clinician’s schedules. He is very knowledgeable and never makes us feel like we are a bother.” - Kimberly Carrington via email about an Acropolis employee

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