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Sher & Shabsin, P.C.

Sher & Shabsin, P.C. is a full service creditor firm, servicing banks, finance companies, merchants, landlords and other businesses asset protection. Sher & Shabsin’s clientele range from local St. Louis companies to large national banking institutions. They handle all aspects of litigation whether for collection of money or for recovery of collateral. 

The Challenge

Prior to their current agreement, Sher & Shabsin used the traditional break/fix IT model for support.  When there was a problem, they would call, their problem would get fixed and they would be invoiced for the hourly work.  There was very little insight beyond the acute issue being solved.  This service model works to get problem resolved but fails many companies in spotting problems or avoiding major issues before they become major issues. “We could have been one hair away from total disaster.” Troy (from Acropolis) recommended the monitoring Sentinel package. This gave us some security to sleep through the night.” – Mike Shabsin, Founding Partner and President of Sher & Shabsin, P.C.

The Solution

At Acropolis, all of our clients on a HeliosVision managed plan are assigned a vCIO, Virtual Chief Information Officer.  Their assigned vCIO, Troy Taylor is responsible for the overall consulting and executive relationship with Sher & Shabsin.  The vCIO’s role is to make sure that Acropolis services are aligned with the IT goals of their clients.  “Our vCIO, Troy Taylor, suggested the Sentinel package because essentially, they were a simpler environment without a large variety or overly complex configuration. “The Sentinel package gave us the ability to know that our network was being monitored 24/7 in case of disaster.” – Mike Shabsin.  Under the HeliosVision Sentinel Plan, the Acropolis ProActive Service Team monitors critical network and server statistics while making sure backups are consistent, Antivirus is up to date, critical security patches are kept current and system generated alerts are triage’ d and corrected.  All of the tasks that small businesses need but rarely have the staff or the budget to consistently complete.

The Return

Even for small organizations, technology is becoming more complex and dependent upon many other systems and data sources to serve their clients.  All managed clients go through an “onboarding” period that normally lasts 90 days.  During this time, Acropolis installs management tools, sets baseline performance metrics and finds issues that need remediation. 

“We needed to solve the issues and identify the chatter during this “settling in” period. When we first signed up for the Sentinel package we were getting TONS of error emails throughout the day. …… Things are now very quiet. Systems are more managed. We now have increased security by way of firewalls and email filters (that we didn’t have before). That’s very important for us. I like that we have quick response time which is sort of a problem when you are not on a managed package. We like things to be fixed in a quicker fashion and the Sentinel package gave us just that.” – Mike Shabsin.

As a managed client, Sher and Shabsin receives discounted service and priority support ensuring that critical issues get fixed faster.  Coupling this increased level of monitoring and service with every issue being logged and tracked means that Sher & Shabsin truly have a team supporting them versus just one person and the undocumented knowledge that one person holds.