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St. Louis Equity Fund

The St. Louis Equity Fund, Inc. was founded in 1988 with a $75,000 grant from Civic Progress to create a vehicle to syndicate tax credits created by the Tax Reform Act of 1986.  The St. Louis Equity Fund provides affordable rental housing, low risk investments that provide a market rate of return to investors, and a steady source of equity to partners and developers in the St. Louis region. The first Fund created in 1988 raised $3.25 million and facilitated the production of 105 affordable homes. Since that time, the St. Louis Equity Fund has raised more than $408 million of capital from corporations and financial institutions which aided in the production of 4,657 affordable housing units.

The Challenge

Prior to engaging Acropolis to monitor our IT needs through their Helios system, we were reactive to our IT needs. We found ourselves reacting to IT issues as they arose causing time-sensitive, stressful situations for our staff and IT consultants. With a small staff of nine employees, we do not have the resources or need for a full-time IT technician.

The Solution

Now that we are a monitored client, our VCIO reviews our IT needs and current systems that we have in place to help keep all equipment up-to-date and operating properly. If we do have an IT issue, we submit a request online or by phone and a technician reaches out to us normally within in an hour or so. Since they have access and monitor our server and user’s PCs, they have all of the information they need to resolve the issue. A majority of the time, the technicians are able to fix our issues working remotely which helps to keep costs down.

The Return

The most significant benefit that Acropolis provides is their quick response to IT tickets. We find we have much less down town now due to IT issues. We appreciate Acropolis’ superb customer service. A “live voice” is always available and troubleshoots the issues while you are on the phone if you choose to call in. They are always patient and take time to explain complex issues in a simple manner.


Amy McDermott

Vice President – Operations

St. Louis Equity Fund, Inc.