Smith Management


Smith Management Group is the St. Louis area choice for community management, specializing in serving the finest communities, Villas and Homeowner Associations throughout the St. Louis Metro area. For over 50 years SMG has held an industry-leading reputation and became the first management company in the state of Missouri to earn the Accredited Association Management Company (AAMC) designation from Community Associations Institute (CAI) in 2000. Similar to our central focus of customer relations we constantly carried another goal in mind - deploying innovated technological services providing advancement opportunities to our customers, clients, and prospects. Our recognition with technological advancements was not developed just on the reliance of internal independence but with the confidence from our information technology partnership. Our relationship, guidance, and trust were partnered with formally known Interchange Technology and today DBA Acropolis Technology Group. They have been our backbone for our pioneering success within the trade. They have assisted with our forward initiatives to accelerate our services and aggressively stabilizing our server requirements avoiding numerous communication interruptions.


Our relationship circles back 20+ plus years when the company was known as Interchange Technology. Though, the acquisition of Acropolis Technology Group couldn’t have been an easier transition. There were times we felt uneasy of the changes… It’s human to be unsure of change when what you have is working so well. Though, as time increased so did the acquisition team assuring us that they will do everything in their power to maintain the same professionalism, communications, and responsiveness that we distilled and trusted over the years. At the same time of gaining knowledge of the acquisition of Interchange to Acropolis, we were going through an immense server upgrade, cloud service integrations, and software advancements. Sure, this caused some uncomforting feelings, the biggest anxiety with technology is having knowledge that it remains stable and the business stays operational. Surely enough, we sailed with ease with no unforeseen interruptions.

Shortly after the server upgrades, we encountered the need for Acropolis to assist with yet another large project. We too were now engaging into an acquisition which required a lot of technical support requirements – requirements that surged above and beyond our ordinary IT knowledge. In the interim, we also were needing additional local client support for individual users as our internal staffing requirements were engaged in other facets of organizational development. Though there were other requirements such as new spam filtering solutions, email migrations, terminal server and RDS enhancements, and email filtering solutions just to name a few of the many needed requirements. As we have only skimmed the surface of what really took place, at the time, it seemed inevitable to bear so many requirements... The question just stood in our minds, how are we going to overcome all of this?


Great question!  It couldn’t have happened without the great support staff of Acropolis Technology Group. Though, in particular, we feel it is important that two very intelligent and professional individuals with Acropolis receive praise and admiration to accurately answer this question.

We were formally introduced to Troy (VCIO) with Acropolis Technology Group. The support and leverage he provided undertaking our needs and requirements leave us only grateful and utmost gratified. When we faced times that appeared to be dark and narrow, Troy provided light with diffusional solutions. He is beyond capable of introducing complex answers in a very comprehensive manner and delivering proficiently attainable proposals. He is very responsive and professional in every way one could imagine. At one point in time, we were feeling uneasy and unsure of what these acquisition changes would bring. As time lead us on, we are only 100% pleased with the support Acropolis promised. Acropolis and Troy are how the challenges were solved.

We would also like to assure that Dan (Project Engineer) is very well recognized as well. Dan has been assisting our support and development requirements from the beginning of time. In all honesty, this man is a teacher/professor in every way imaginable. We have never encountered an individual that is more respectful, personal, and knowledgeable in terms of the services he provides. He is an exceptional representation of Acropolis and what it is they can offer. Dan can thoroughly explain any complex scenario in the most settle and complete way… I think it would be fair to say that he wrote the book Understanding IT For Idiots… Dan not only familiarizes himself with your environment, but he can also manually walk you through the steps helping you drive through problems in the event they occur again. Again, with the support of Acropolis and Dan, there is no other reason to seek alternative solutions. They are the solutions!


·       Sentinel Plan Client – a detection program that monitors your local environment with automated monitoring tools. A program that assists with being proactive, rather than reactive. The guide also identifies the methods available to submit service requests.