Terms and Conditions

SHIPPING AND HANDLING FEES ARE NOT INCLUDED. These fees, when applicable, will be added to the invoice. Prices subject to change - total cost based upon purchase of non-optional items - a 30 day return policy applies strictly to defective or incompatible hardware and subject to approval - licenses are non-refundable - all delivery, training or consulting services not listed on this proposal will be billed at the time of invoice - Acropolis specifically disclaims any and all warranties, expressed or implied, to any licensed products.  We shall not be liable for any loss of profits, business, goodwill, data, interruption of business, nor for incidental or consequential merchantability or fitness of purpose, or damages related to this agreement.


All projects, services and orders totaling $4,000.00 and greater require a down payment to be received prior to the delivery of any product or the commencement of work. Once you approve the quote you will receive a DOWN PAYMENT INVOICE in the amount shown in the Financing section of this quote. The down payment may be made via check or credit card. Please do not send your down payment until you receive the invoice.


In the event that a flat fee arrangement is in place for a specific project, the following terms apply.  Seventy Five percent (75.00%) of the overall fee is due prior to commencement of any project-related work, OR the cost of the hardware whichever is higher.  Twenty Five percent (25.00%) of the overall fee is due at a mutually agreed-upon point in the project (usually, but not always, near project completion).  A mutually agreed-upon statement of work may be supplied in writing prior to the project commencement.  The statement of work will outline the work to be performed and the conditions that will constitute a completed project.  Also, the statement of work will identify the point at which payments are due.  Failure to make the payments promptly may delay the project timeline.  Changes made to statement of work after the commencement of the project, and which result in an increase in project cost, will be billed hourly at the prevailing ACROPOLIS hourly billing rate unless other arrangements are made.  The flat-fee arrangement shall be in effect only for a specific project and does not extend to other business conducted between ACROPOLIS and the Client on other projects.  The flat-fee arrangement, unless otherwise specified, does not cover ongoing maintenance or support after project completion.  In the event that the Client chooses to terminate the project prior to completion or Client defaults on any payment and is thus terminated by ACROPOLIS, ACROPOLIS will be entitled to receive a percentage of the total project flat fee equal to the percentage of the project completed up to and including the date of termination.  The Client is entitled to receive the work product completed up to and including the date of termination upon delivery of payment to ACROPOLIS as herein provided.


GRACE PERIOD TERMS – Vendors have reduced or removed any grace period for your renewals and now require all renewals to be processed on or before their expiration date. Failure to complete the renewal process prior to the expiration date can result in a loss of benefits, cessation of services and either reinstatement fees or the requirement to purchase new licenses and support. In order to ensure we are able to process your renewal order in time, we require your approval and any down payment to be received at least ten (10) days prior to the expiration of your agreement(s). Acropolis is not responsible for any fees or new license purchases you may incur if you do not meet this deadline. 


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