TorHoerman Law

Whether you have been hurt on the job, in an accident, by a drug or medical device, or from some other type of negligence, you can count on a TorHoerman Law personal injury lawyer to provide exceptional service.

Our firm is about people.  That is our motto and that will always be our reality.  We believe that if we continue to focus on the people that we represent and continue to be true to the people that we are, we will achieve justice.

The Challenge

TorHoerman Law began with one office, but over the years, the firm has grown to include four offices around the country and more than 30 employees; Acropolis has been with the firm since the beginning. The growth of TorHoerman Law and the overall changes affecting the legal industry in general have directly affected our technology needs.

“When we began this firm, paper files were still a necessity,” said Tor Hoerman, Owner and Attorney. “As technology has evolved and our own firm has grown, the need to have all files at our fingertips has become essential. Not only that, but these files need to be protected.”

The technology needs of the firm have grown through the years and that has presented a challenge.

The Solution

Acropolis’ level of service has been exceptional, and they have grown and adapted to the needs of the firm throughout the years.

Service requests are answered promptly, and if an issue cannot be resolved remotely, a technician will come out to the office that day to fix the issue. It has allowed the firm to conduct businesses and take care of clients without any hiccups.

“A few weeks ago, I was having an issue with my hard drive. I was able to quickly get on the phone with Max, an IT technician, who, while waiting to figure out what was going on with the hard drive, cleaned up my computer so it would run faster and more efficiently,” said Chad Finley, Attorney. “Not only was he able to fix my hard drive but he cleaned up another issue I didn’t even know I had.”

TorHoerman Law could not be more thankful for Acropolis’s services.

The Return

With an exceptional IT service supporting our firm, the lawyers and staff at TorHoerman Law are able to continue to fight for those injured through no fault of their own. Acropolis has made our jobs run smoothly and efficiently.