Village of Glen Carbon

Glen Carbon is a village in Madison County, Illinois, United States, 19 miles northeast of St. Louis. The population was 12,934 at the 2010 census. In 1801, Colonel Samuel Judy received a military grant for 100 acres of land near the base of the bluffs, just north of Judy Creek, and became one of the first permanent settlers of Madison County. The land was called Goshen Settlement, after the biblical land of Goshen. It was renamed Glen Carbon to reflect its coal mining heritage. Glen Carbon was incorporated as a village in 1892. It operated many coal mines until the last one shut down in 1934. Another industry was the St. Louis brick company, which burned down in the 1930s; then, right after being rebuilt, it burned down and was never rebuilt again.

The Challenge

Previous to having IT support from Acropolis the Village of Glen Carbon had been dealing with numerous issues relating to our email server and the Kiero service. We asked our new service provider, Acropolis to look into what was causing the issue and we were pleased to hear that we could move to an exchange mail server and eliminate the issues causing us loss of productivity, employee aggravation, and the age old loss of consistency with the existing mail server at the time.

The Solution

The great staff at Acropolis identified the software, hardware and licenses needed to get up and running in a quick timeline and walked us through the process. We have had the new email server and service for a while now and we are having ZERO issues. Employee morale has become an attribute again instead of a downfall.

The Return

Acropolis has always strived to provide us with the best guidance and the most economical option keeping in mind our needs and wants. Hats off to Scott  and Pat for always being on time, on task and more than prepared for our questions.