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You are probably reading this because you are considering a change in the way you manage IT for your organization or you are trying to find a solution to enhance what you already have.  The great news is that you are not alone.  Many of your concerns are shared by everyone that has made the exact same change you are considering.  We have gotten feedback that the below whitepapers have been helpful in navigating the change you are probably considering.  


Outsourcing Isn't A Dirty Word – Meet Managed Services, Your IT Team's New Best Friend

Small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) generally don’t have the resources to fully support all IT infrastructure needs.  Even if your business has one or several in-house IT technicians on payroll, they’re often so bogged down by routine daily tasks that their talent is wasted. The very core of your business infrastructure is jeopardized if they’re overworked and vulnerable to error. This employee isn’t adding nearly as much value to your business as they should be. It’s not a good place for them or you. 

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A little confused? The cloud explained in simple terms

As a small business, you may be missing out by not exploiting the cloud’s potential to super-charge your business model.

If you are unsure about what the "cloud” means, check out this simple primer that explains the cloud in layperson’s terms.

Learn the basics
"A cloud primer: Demystifying the cloud."

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